What The Heck Is A Gonk?

In the beginning there was the word, and the word was Gonk. A Gonk, aka Glook- Gonk was a popular plush toy in the late 1960’s and 1970’s. Often found lurking in toy stores or novelty shops in the UK and US, and more commonly found chilling out at fair grounds in Australia.

Gonks are characterized by their abundance of fur which is sometimes described as a full body beard that obscures all but the Gonks eyes, nose and feet. With such a thick and wild covering of fur, it was rare to see a Gonks arms or mouth. Sadly, Gonks have been virtually unseen, and forgotten since the early 1980s.They are now thought to be extinct.




Why Gonks?

Because we think they are awesome and groovy and retro and fun, and we think you will love them too. That’s why we want to bring them back from extinction, so that the world can once again enjoy the wonders and the unique qualities of the Gonk.


What Is Mwga?

MWGA is pronounced “Emm Waga“. It stands for Make the World Gonk Again. This is the mission of our community. We can achieve this, through adoption and through spreading the word on social media. We will show the world the wonders and the fun of Gonks.



You better believe it brothers and sisters! Just check out our groovy roadmap!


Gonks Are Awesome I Want To Adopt One, But How?

Great! We knew you’d love them. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server (links at top and bottom of the website) . We welcome you to our community. Gonks will be available for adoption from our minting page. We will announce the date soon.


Is There A Whitelist?

Why yes! By Gonk, there is. Follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server (links at top and bottom of the website) to find out how you can be whitelisted to adopt your very own Gonk.


If I Don't Get On A Whitelist Can I Still Adopt A Gonk?

Why yes! By Gonk, you can! Just follow us on Twitter and join our Discord server (links at top and bottom of the website) or keep checking back on our web site for an announcement on the public mint


Fuzzy Coin?

Construction started on the “Gonks Royale Arena” Mini Game and the rewards Token “Fuzzy Coin”. Remember dudes and dudettes, 1 Fuzzy Coin = 1 Fuzzy Coin


Will There Be Merch?

Oh yes fellow groovster, there will indeed be some funky merch.

We will be giving away tons of physical Gonk toys and T-shirts to Gonk adoptees. You will also be able to buy Gonk toys and T-shirts from our upcoming merch store with crypto, or even by using the planned in-game rewards token $FUZZY COIN!


I Checked Out The Roadmap, What The Heck Is Gonks Royale Arena?

Ahh ha! I am glad you asked that question my groovy friend. Once every month, at a secret location, CryptoGonks meet up to play a game of Gonk vs Gonk in the Gonks Royale Arena. We call this a “passive mini game”. It will create functionality similar to staking, but without ETH Gas fees (i.e. no need to stake/unstake on the blockchain).

By playing in the Gonks Royale Arena, your Gonks can earn you rewards in the form of the FUZZY Coin utility token. FUZZY coins can then be used to... well, don’t want to give away too much just yet. We will release more details on this at a later date... stay tuned!


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